The Sales Landscape Is Changing

Once upon a time having a cool product or service, and some salespeople who were going out there and relentlessly hitting the pavement or picking up the phone was enough go ensure some level of commercial success. It just doesn’t work that way anymore.

The reality is that in todays day and age its easier than ever to start a business and start selling to prospects. Leads can be scraped from websites, entire sales teams can be outsourced, even traditional “goal keepers” such as secretaries or middle management can be bypassed with a little patience and knowing your way around LinkedIn. The fact of the matter is that decision makers are pummelled with pitches day in and day out so its no longer a case of just “playing the numbers” because the odds are no longer in anyone’s favor.

The only path to success is create an efficient structure, and comprehensive sales process to help bridge the gap between a business and its prospects. This can then be combined with a strong sales culture that can permeate the whole sales process to help turn someone from being a prospect, to a client.

By taking the time to understand the narrative that drives a business, creating a good culture, and educating sales representatives on how to nurture prospects and approach clients in a way that aligns them to your sales strategy, the odds are reset and it’s no longer a gamble – it’s a winning hand.

Adapting to the Sales Landscape

At Sales Inc. we analyze companies’ entire sales process from start to finish. We develop cohesive sales strategies based around building meaningful relationships & data driven sales process to maximise your revenue.

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