Ed Badawi

Ed commenced his corporate career as a customer service professional and transitioned to financial markets investment advisory over time. He quickly realised that the traditional approach to selling was ineffective in the harsh post-GFC world of finance. As such, he consciously applied a customer-centric mentality to empowering decision-makers instead of pressuring them. Ed broke down the nuances of his approach and has helped grow and scale businesses in various sectors since 2013. He’s launched multiple start-ups and consulted for private and public organisations before working with Nicholas to scale this approach through their unique service business.

Nicholas Forsyth

After earning his Accounting and Finance degree in 2011, Nicholas became a Financial Investment Advisor at a Sydney-based boutique investment firm, where he met Ed. By 2014, he co-founded a financial markets-based investment advisory business, where he sought Ed’s advice to refine and scale the in-house sales proccess. Within a year, they increased the subscriber base by 700% and scaled a team of half-a-dozen high-performing investment advisors. In 2017 he and Ed formally became business partners after he encouraged Ed to leverage his tried and tested approach to help more businesses grow and scale. Nicholas oversees the service and data teams and ensures Sales Inc never miss a mandate.

Jordan Schutt
Head Of Creation & Media

A thespian and meme-lord at heart, Jordi has a unique eye for impactful media, regardless of its form. When combined with his refined technical ability to work across the Adobe Creative Suite, Jordi brings ideas to life in a manner that aligns prospects with our client’s narrative well before a single pitch or presentation has taken place. This ensures that Sales Inc’s in-house reps have the best chance of succeeding while simultaneously amplifying our client’s brand equity via assets that can be leveraged into perpetuity.

Natalia Mercado
Head Of Customer Success 

Natalia has the extraordinary ability to connect with, and relate to decision-makers, to unlock genuine opportunities, whether in-person or over the phone.

Her reputation as a high performer extends across a diverse range of businesses, from listed companies, such as News Limited (ASX: NWS) & Nearmap (ASX: NEA). Natalia’s experience managing large teams across various industries, combined with her genuine excitement towards unlocking wins for clients, makes her the perfect person to head our customer success team.

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