For organisations that require human interaction to complete a transaction and need to implement a proven, scalable in-house sales process.

By understanding the business goals and the goals of your in-house representatives, we can align the two to create an effective strategy and a cohesive dynamic between stakeholders and representatives through meaningful KPIs. 

We take the time to understand the who, what, why & how that makes your organisation and solution special. We use this information to form a narrative that drives your strategy, content and sales culture. 

By investigating and dissecting the current state of database/CRM, we ensure that appropriate strategy, content & pitches are created for respective segments. This also helps us identify quick wins while nurturing a medium/long-term pipeline. 

We’ve worked across over 25 different industries and experienced a multitude of systems & CRMS. Our systems assessment factors in congruence between sales and marketing to ensure that your data, leads and content are housed appropriately in a transparent and effective manner. 

No silver bullets. Depending on your offering and target audience, we develop the specific steps and cadence required to effectively build your pipeline and consolidate it in a manner that allows you to get down to business effectively and respectfully.

We develop the sales communication content such as phone pitches, sales presentations, engagement emails and post-call consolidation information required to run a scalable outbound sales team. Our unique approach to delivering digestible content ensures that your team executes across each step of the sales process effectively and ethically.

Once the bases are loaded, we help you put it all together to officially launch and monitor your first sales campaign. We’ll also guide your reps on day-1 to ensure they are confident and hit the ground running. 

We work directly with your team to educate and train them on how to execute each step of the sales strategy with enthusiasm and autonomy.  We also work with your team for the next 30 to 90 days to ensure that they continue to thrive while making strategic pivots where required.

From start-ups to established private businesses and publicly listed companies, Sales Inc has serviced businesses across 27 different industries.

Here are some of our outcomes.

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