Sales Inc. In The Community

Sales Inc.

In The Community

At the core of Sales Inc. is the concept of bringing value, not only to our clients and their clients, but to the community at large. Our community outreach program was conceptualized with the idea that Sales Inc. could give back to the community and bring value beyond what shows up on a balance sheet or performance report. By using our own connections to communities, client networks, and personal as well as professional experience, Sales Inc. organizes community events for at risk youth to provide them with a path to a brighter future where they can realize their potential.

Recreational Activities


Sports are a fantastic tool for bringing together young people and teaching them principles of teamwork, competition, and leadership.

Community Giveaways


We provide children and adolescents with basic sales principles and values so they can use them to pursue their own dreams and goals effectively.

Charity Awareness Initiatives 

Once a quarter we find the time to help charities with there awareness and amplification initiatives